More about me

You can read my blog post ​Have you seen this person? 

· I`m an animal lover, my family consists of my dog Nya and ferret Hera.

· I`ve been living alone since I was 18.

· I have the weirdest obsession with Alice in Wonderland.

· I`m also a gamer. (And very nerdy one indeed, wearing glasses and stuff.)

· I love astronomy and I can proudly say I enrolled in Harvard`s Astrobiology course, yaaaay!

· If you open my closet you will never find anything because everything looks the same, due to the fact my wardrobe mostly consists of black colored clothes. I can`t find a way either, I just go with the flow.

· My mom once said all of us are born pessimists. We must learn ourselves to be optimistic so that life can prove us wrong. I`m really trying to follow my mom's advice.

· My ultimate elderly life goal is to own a small rustic house away from the city, with my own garden and a bunch of animals, baking cookies and cakes and kicking ass in MMORPG`s. I don`t have any earlier adult life goals, though.. That`s a bit disturbing.

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